My Blue Muse Favorite Things - Verse

Some of P. J.'s favorite poets:

Kim Addonizio - P. J. greatly admires Kim's work and has been fortunate to be able to study with her.

Billy Collins

Sharon Olds

Robert Hass

Yosef Komunyakaa

Bob Hicok

XJ Kennedy

Quincy Troupe

Li Young Lee

Sherman Alexie

Steve Kowit

Al Zolynas

Dorianne Laux

Rising Stars

Kelli Russell Agodon

Jeffrey Bahr

Contemporary Poets

Frank Montenegro

Poetry Boards:


The Gazebo - They're not kidding when they describe this workshop site as 'the shark tank'. Not the place to go if you're looking for unquestioning praise but, if you can leave your ego at the door, and you're looking for some criticism on your work, then this is might be the place for you.

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