My Blue Muse


December 2003          

Message from PJ:
"Whew! What a year! Very loud on the physical plane, very quiet on the spiritual one, where all creativity springs from. I won't go into particulars, but two surgeries later and I'm finally on the mend. I "hear" poetry in my head once in awhile and jot what I hear down, but it's not very good. It gives me faith, though, that my creativity is just dormant for now, while I focus on healing. That said, I've been submitting my stuff everywhere and hope to cull a few credits, or at least one or two. Editors are tough nuts. There is so much work out there. I had one day of sifting through incoming subs and it was very eye-opening. Alas, I hope to maintain and even expand this website this year, so keep an eye out."

November 2003

Received my publication in Hogtown Creek Review for my poem Six Months Later.

October 2003

Received an acceptance from Kalliope: a journal of women's literature and art for two of my poems Running Away to Vegas and Shortcut Across the Rez forthcoming in their 25th Anniversary issue which comes out in September 2004.

April 2003

To Jen, Who Died this Winter is featured in the April "Editor's" Issue of Niederngasse - look in the Poems to Reread section

January 2003

P. J. has added an infrequent journal of sorts to the site. Please check out her writing life to follow her adventures.

December 2002

Big news! P. J.'s recent poem in The DMQ Review won their Muses Award. This prize is for the best poem of the year to first appear in The DMQ Review. In addition DMQ nominated this poem for a Pushcart Prize. Double whammy! Of course, P. J. is thrilled by both the prize and nomination and thanks DMQ for their support.

P.J.'s poem A Tree You Go Back To was published in the fall/winter 2002 - 2003 edition of the Santa Clara Review.

November 2002

P. J. is currently busy working on, and submitting, new poetry. The long hard slog of the submissions process is beginning to pay off as her work has recently been accepted for both electronic and paper publication.

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